In the history of the Catholic Church spanning 2000years, many divine apparitions and private revelations have taken place. The Church recognizes and approves these private revelations only with extreme caution and considerable discretion. The heritage of faith received through Jesus Christ our One and Only Saviour and from the Holy Scripture as well as through the age old tradition of the Holy Catholic Church is complete. The Church believes and teaches that these private revelations that happen from time to time do not add anything more to the fullness of the revelations of Jesus Christ or to the invaluable treasure of Christian faith. However the Church accepts the fact that such private revelations do take place and that they help the children of the Church to grow in the fullness of faith. A tree is known by its fruit. Similarly the maternal church is continuously watching the spiritual growth, spiritual conversions and the solidarity of the people of God to the body of church attained through private revelations. Thus the divine apparitions and revelations are subjects of continued study by the church. If they are found to be worthy of faith and also become the cause for a spiritual awakening, the tradition of the Holy Church is to give them the seal of approval. In order to do this, the Church relies on the 2000 year old tradition of the Church, the divine revelations of saints, the teachings of the Fathers of the Church and above all the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Divine Mercy Shrine of Holy Mary is a Marian Pilgrim centre dedicated to the Mother of Divine Mercy under the Eparchy of Kothamangalam. Since March 1999 Heavenly Mother has appeared to an eight year old girl called Chippy and gave messages regarding the sanctification of life and the salvation of souls. The house and the premises have been sanctified by obeying the messages and the directions of the Holy Mother. Later a Grotto has been built according to the desire of our Mother. As instructed by the Holy Mother the house along with the Grotto was handed over to the Diocese of Kothamangalam . Thus on August 14th, 2006, Mar George Punnakkottil, the Bishop of Kothamangalam blessed the chapel nd offered Holy Mass. The Chapel was named “Divine Mercy Shrine of Holy Mary. The Holy Mother speaks to the world about the salvation of souls and the need for the sanctification of life. Refuge of Divine Mercy Our Lady said, “This place is specially selected by the Almighty God and the candles, you light here, are burning in front of the Heavenly Father”. Mother Mary revealed, “I have comeaccording to the Holy Will of the Almighty Father. I am the Mother of Divine Mercy. I have come with my Son to Thodupuzha for the entire world. Salvation in its fullness comes to those who depend on the Son through the Mother”. Praying daily for the departed souls quite often Our Lady has revealed that the souls who have not attained eternal salvation are in great agony and they have to undergo purification to attain beatific vision of God. The church teaches and encourages us to pray for the departed souls . We are also obliged to do so. This process of achieving holiness is necessary to enter the joy of heaven, can be expedited through our prayers, sacrifices and penance. This pilgrim centre was selected by the Heavenly Father for the salvation of souls and the sanctification of life through the intercession of the Mother of Divine Mercy. Sanctification of life and the Salvation of Souls As instructed by the Mother of God, one has to pray for the dead, only after making a repentant Sacramental Confession. To obtain the Divine Mercy of God two means were revealed to us by the Holy Mother. That is dedicating our living and dead relatives and ancestors, by offering the persons individually in the Shrine, and reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily for these dedicated souls. Our Mother advises to visit the Shrine once a week for nine weeks consecutively. The pilgrims witness that they have received many blessings, healing and special protection by wearing the Rosary blessed by our Lady and using the holy water for drinking and bathing. God was nurturing the Shrine to grow in miraculous manner. Everyday hundreds of people from different parts of the country arrive here to pray and return with a spiritual enrichment. There have been hundreds of documented personal witnesses regarding the conversion of many sinners, and miraculous cure of bodily and spiritual illnesses. All these confirm the active presence and intercession of the Holy Mother .